What You Should Know about Domestic Violence Offenses

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What You Should Know about Domestic Violence Offenses

Understanding how domestic violence charges work in Utah is important if you have been charged with domestic violence. In Utah, there is not a single crime that is specified as “Domestic Violence” rather, there are many crimes that are considered a “Crime of Domestic Violence”. To be considered a crime of domestic violence the offender and the victim must have a relationship that is included in the definition of cohabitant that has been set forth in Utah law. Some of these relationships include:

  • Husband
  • Wife
  • Ex-husband
  • Ex-wife
  • Common law husband
  • Common law wife
  • Roommates
  • Individuals that have a child together
  • Individuals related by blood or marriage

Some of the most common criminal charges that are classified as domestic violence crimes in Utah include:

  • Simple assaults
  • Aggravated assaults
  • Criminal mischief
  • Protective order violations
  • Stalking

If you are convicted of a domestic violence offense, you should understand that you will more than likely be restricted from possessing a firearm pursuant to federal law. You will also be required to complete an assessment and 12-14 weeks of counseling through the Division of Child and Family Services. If you are accused of domestic violence you may find that the accusation is followed by a protection order for or against your spouse and children.

Being accused or convicted of a domestic violence charge can be scary. We can help you understand the court process and do our best to minimize the charges against you. Call us today if you have questions about your domestic violence offenses or if you need legal advice concerning a domestic violence charge.

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