DUI Irony: Alleged Drunk Driver Hits Truck With DUI Warning On It

charged with a DUI

DUI Irony: Alleged Drunk Driver Hits Truck With DUI Warning On It

June 21, 2016–SALEM, Ore. — An SUV overshot a turn in southeast Salem a few months ago and plowed through the fence at Carzntrux Collision Repair, totalling four cars.

Denis Lafferty, the repair shop’s owner who has coped with similar crashes through the years, decided he’d finally had enough.

Lafferty painted the phrase “Don’t Drink & Drive!” onto the bed of a demolished truck and faced it toward the street as his way of educating the public in general and to serve as a warning to drivers.

The message apparently wasn’t enough to deter one driver.

Early Saturday morning the driver of a red truck missed the turn, plowed through the chain-link fence and smashed right into the back end of Lafferty’s white “Don’t Drink & Drive!” warning truck.

“The driver managed to land his vehicle right on top of it,” Lafferty said.

charged with a DUI

Salem fire and police crews responded to the crash where Salem police cited the 46-year-old driver, Mr. Jones, with a DUI.

According to court records, Jones was convicted of fleeing a police officer, reckless driving and reckless endangerment in Clackamas County in 2014 and just had his driver’s license reinstated in March.

Lafferty said his landlord has contacted the city about reinforcing the spot and replacing the lonely arrow sign warning drivers of the curve with more arrows and a guardrail.

So, despite Lafferty’s best intentions to warn of DUI dangers, drinking and driving still happens every day. Make sure to seek good counsel if you’ve been charged with a DUI to get the best representation possible.

Original article credit: http://www.wcnc.com/news/crime/alleged-drunk-driver-hits-truck-with-anti-duii-message/251360912

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