Domestic Violence

Understanding Domestic Violence

An arrest or citation for domestic violence can occur in many ways. In fact, domestic violence isn’t a crime in itself but merely an enhancement that attaches to other specific crimes. Consulting with a domestic violence attorney will help you understand the details of your situation.

Often an arrest for a domestic violence offense comes with a no contact order preventing the accused from returning home or speaking with their spouse or family. Also, many domestic violence convictions prevent the individual from possessing or purchasing firearms.

Domestic Violence Attorneys

The Attorneys of Allan & Easton have been prosecuting domestic violence offenses for 24 years. Since then, we have been aggressively defending domestic violence charges for 23 years.

The number of domestic violence related offenses our staff has handled is in the thousands. Through their experiences, we recognize the many issues that go along with these offenses, including your right to purchase and possess firearms.

If you have been charged with domestic violence, don’t place your future in the hands of an over-worked public defender or an inexperienced attorney. You need our experienced domestic violence attorneys on your side.