Drug Charges

Understanding Drug Charges

Being arrested for drug possession or possession of drug paraphernalia carries a stigma that can follow an individual for a very long time.

In Utah, drug possession often comes with jail time, a six month driver’s license suspension and many other complications with probation. Consulting with a drug attorney will help you understand the details of your case.

Drug Attorneys

The Attorneys of Allan & Easton have been handling drug related offenses for 24 years. Since then, we have been aggressively defending against drug charges for 23 years.

The number of drug cases prosecuted and defended by our staff is in the thousands. Our attorneys have trained other attorneys and police officers in the areas of search and seizure, and drafting drug related search warrants.

Through our experience, we know when to fight and when to try and resolve cases. We also know the most effective way to handle and help clients with addictions. Allan & Easton will provide you with an aggressive criminal defense.